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than 100 miles per hour weaving in and out. the individual tried to get off at route 216 when he lost control of the vehicle and ended up smashing into another car. right now, howard county police along with state police are trying to pursue the suspect on foot. a police helicopter has the suspect in sight. hopefully, later in the broadcast we will be able to give you the video of this high- speed pursuit. live in sky team 11, and capt. roy taylor. >> it is the scandal that has baffled the biggest names in washington it is becoming more complicated. the petraeus affair has no entangled and other top military figure, the leader of troops in afghanistan, general john allen. >> 11 news reporter steve
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handlesman does with the very latest. >> good evening from capitol hill. general allan is not in afghanistan. he is here in washington tonight just in time for his reputation to be called into question. general john allen, the u.s. commander in afghanistan was on track to become nato commander until the disclosure that he was under investigation by the pentagon. jill kelley in general allen allegedly exchanged emails and documents suspected of being inappropriate. allen insisted that there was no affair. >> she complains she was getting harassing emails and lead fbi to the affair. allenn got a vote of confidence
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today. >> he believes he is doing and has done an excellent job. some are angry that the afghan war, costing some u.s. lives and dollars, was hardly mentioned until this. >> and now we are becoming obsessed with the sex life of the director of the cia and the commander? a bit of this just seems out of balance. >> some question the fbi's involvement. >> those certainly involving a love triangle or whatever, it should not rise to this level. >> others wonder why the federal probe had been kept from congress and the white house. >> the fbi knew all about this months ago when they apparently told nobody about it. >> parts of the broadwell-- petraeus case was so incensed. briefed on the case today, nancy
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pelosi said the fbi had an obligation not to report to congress, to protect individual privacy unless national security was involved. on capitol hill, steve handlesman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> stay with nbc for continuing coverage of the petraeus scandal as it unravels. coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news," latest on the affair as we have a timeline. >> they have discovered the suspect in the case. what's going on here? >> we are right off of scagsville road. howard county was able to track him he ran the now and the suspect on the ground. "we do not know if there are any injuries involved, but we can tell you that it has come to a successful conclusion as far as
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the suspect being apprehended. we were hoping have video of the pursued later on in the broadcast to show you everything that is going on. i'm capt. roy taylor. possibly we will have the ready in just a few minutes. police are searching out for two suspects behind a breeze and the robbery in broad daylight. this was sent to our newsrooms die team 11 above the 8500 block where investigators say just before 3:30, a man was shot in his injuries did appear to be non-life threatening. the cannot give a detailed as coach of the two suspects, but stay with us as we continue to monitor the situation. >> it is to remove video that wet viral made because an mta bus driver her job.
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>> 11 news discovered the footage john youtube of a bus provided with a student on board an mta vehicle. they are where the incident and the driver is being interviewed by police. transportation police are also injured during the students involved and they are reviewing surveillance video of the bus from that day. they are still try and piece together exactly what led up to the fight in the driver's name has not been released. testimony as well under way and the testimony of a former boosted university student charged with killing her roommate. she stabbed her to death during an argument over loud music. lowell melser reliably upper marlboro with an update on the story. >> both the prosecution and defense admitted that dominique frazier and alexis simpson did not like each other but that is where the similarities in their stories end. opening statements in the murder trial of alexis simpson accused
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of murdering her roommate, and both sides see that the girls did not like each other. the prosecution told the jury that simpson stabbed frazier after a heated argument concerning loud music and that frazier had backed away from the fight. defense attorneys say that she acted in self-defense and that she was constantly bullied by her and other girls. the jury heard testimony from a number of witnesses including family members, but the most emotional came from tyrell testified he was there visiting another girl and that they were to attend a comedy show later that evening of september 15th, 2011. warren said they got into a heated argument over loud music and that the two got into a scuffle. he and a few others broken up. moments later, he testified she
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attacked again, this time punching. he then noticed she was bleeding badly from her neck. the state with her as she bled out until paramedics arrived. she was crying in the courtroom as he spoke. they were saying reliving the tragedy has been very painful. >> just that they're repeating itself all over again. it was very touching. >> simpson is charged with murder and carrying a deadly weapon. the case is expected to take at least one week. live in upper marlboro kumble meltzer, wbal-tv 11 news. >> public works officials say the water main has been installed in the mount vernon area after yesterday's water main break. the 30-inch pipes broke along north calvert st. shutting down madison as well as guilford
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avenue from monument to madison. they spent the day replacing the pipes and giving out water to affected residents in the meantime. last week, a 60-inch water main broke sending water going down one of the main north-the south corridors. no word on when to service will be completely restored. tonight, the catholic churches on a potential collision course with the obama administration. the u.s. conference of bishops is meeting in baltimore and they expressed concern about what they see as the weakening of religious liberty in the united states. david collins joins us from downtown with more. >> the leader of the congress says the catholic church will never comply with president obama's birth control health care mandate. of youre a channel peace ♪ >> protesting outside of the
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partisan and heated rhetoric. from the pulpit, giving catholics an ultimatum. the delivered a 25,000 signature petition calling on church leaders to reconsider the perceived alliance with the gop. >> having letters read every mass, saying your soul is in eternal jeopardy if you vote for a party or candid it that supports an intrinsic evil? >> a majority of catholics voted for barack obama even has administration considers forcing religious institutions to provide contraceptive coverage and abortion inducing drugs. this puts them at a potential collision with the president. what's the only thing we are certainly prepared to do is to not give in.
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the bishops, because we are good teachers, are costly saying, how can we be more effective, more credible in the way we present their teachings? the threat to religious liberty includes providing contraceptives and abortion inducing drugs and they cite examples in boston, san francisco, d.c., and illinois and they have revoke the licenses of those who refused to place children with same-sex couples. they denied organizations that is and have barred them from running small services on weekends. >> if we abandon the dignity of the human person, how will we make anything to critique about what is good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy? "churches are exempt from the birth control role but their affiliates are not. a number have filed lawsuits against the mandate. live from downtown, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> investigators in the deadly meningitis outbreak have discovered disgusting discoveries. >> ahead in "medical alert." >> what lawmakers are doing to avoid massive tax increases and budget cuts. quick summary on the lower eastern shore but the cold front eastern shore but the cold front is moving off the
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>> always going back to work today over the packed agenda. the data out seven weeks to reach a deal that will have massive tax increases and budget cuts known as the fiscal cliff. danielle leigh as live in washington with more on the likelihood that republicans and democrats will be able to compromise. >> lawmakers seem confident they will reach a deal eventually, but do not be surprised if they last until the final hours of december 31st, the deadline to avoid the looming up fiscal cliff. lawmakers return to washington welcoming the newly elected members of congress and promising they are ready for progress. >> we're going to work together
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to reignite the american dream. >> republicans are offering bipartisan solutions. now it's the president's term. >> unluess the -- oh, the smoldering $6 billion in tax -- on unless they reach a deal. >> let's work on a package that will be just and good for this country. >> this is where lawmakers disagree. they still want to extend tax cuts to everyone. democrats including the president favor raising taxes of wealthy. >> we will not sign a bill to extend bush era tax cuts because that's not good policy. >> there also haggling over what to cut, how to cut the tax code, and where to find savings. >> our biggest problems are the spending on social security, medicare. >> congress created this fiscal cliff hoping it would force
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them, rise on a debt reduction plan. with seven weeks before the year is up, leon panetta is worried about what will happen if they do not reach a deal. >> they kick the can down on the road, it will continue to represent a cloud over the defense department. that's the last damn thing i need right now. >> a possibility that has the white house. in congress to find a middle ground. president obama is working out with a balanced solution as well meeting with lawmakers as well as those in labor and business about the budget. wbal-tv 11 news. >> federal investigators say they found potential sources of contamination and in a drug making distillate -- facility where they found contaminants including a bug and a lethal stealing. they did not keep a good track
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of patient complains nor did they adequately test the potency of their drugs. they are affiliated with the new england compound in center, the pharmacy link to contaminating steroid shots. more than 30 people died from that and many more became sick. new at this hour, state officials are encouraging hospitals across maryland to develop written of breast feeding policies to help eliminate hidden barriers to breast feeding and support new mothers to support breast- feeding. state health officials are encouraging officials to stop giving out the free formula from manufacturers and allowed no other food or drink to breast feeding babies. they are advised to show women how to breast feed because it's not always busy i. it is now the country's sixth leading cause of death, alzheimer's disease. according to the alzheimer's
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association, close to 5 million americans have and millions more will develop a. there is no known cure but they're working on a blood test to help better determine who is at risk. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> producing mostly ran with your reports of a little bit of sleep mixed in at times and colder air filtered in. showers in the western maryland mountains. the bulk of the activity is no longer the eastern seaboard and moving out pushing away from our region. a gradual clearing trend will continue statewide. at bwi marshall today, a little over 0.4 inches of rain and rain a monthly total to 0.5 inch,
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still running a little bit of a deficit for the month and a few inches short this year. temperatures were up in the 60's and then most of the day has been chillier than about but tightly the high for this calendar day just after midnight was 63 degrees. in the upper peninsula in michigan. as close as pittsburgh and western maryland. below freezing now in oakland. no.-northwestern wind will continue to push into maryland as it rolls on. 39 and our harbor by tomorrow. the sun went down this late afternoon early evening of four- o'clocks 53. tamara, high-pressure coming in. -- at 4:53. tomorrow, high pressure.
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even with the sunshine to maroc, temperatures are expended to be considerably below normal. the colder air mass coming our way. to the south, the front may hang up a bit to see if an area of low pressure developed toward the end of the workweek. sunny skies and chilly temperatures tomorrow and a bit of a breeze producing a wind chill by tomorrow the cloud cover developing thursday and the system down in the carolinas trying to move north. producing a little bit of rain in southern maryland and the lower eastern shore on fridays we will see how close against the baltimore. right now, staying to the north and west of that activity. it's going to be a sunny but breezy day. north wind at 8-15. temperatures will feel like ey are only in the low 40's. small craft advisory on the bay. two-3 foot shop on the open waters and a water temperatures in the low 50's. is only expected in the upper
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30's around 40. that is a cold stuff for this time of year. breezy and cool on the eastern shore. sunny skies and some clouds on thursday. the coastal storm is trying to form and the lower eastern shore has more clouds with even a sprinkle or two of rain moving on to the beaches friday. temperatures running below normal for wednesday, thursday, friday. sunday, and may develop in our area and it looks like the rain chance increases sunday night into monday with showers line bring into tuesday of next week. >> school psychologists are becoming more and more prevalent in occasional facilities all across the state. >> when your child's mental health is the focus of a nationwide effort, we look at how schools are making sure they get the help they need. >> at just nine years old, is anne arundel county girl was on her way to start a plumphqhqhqhq
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>> more and more school aged children are showing up with issues that are way too complex for teachers and administrators to handle. >> it's why there's a growing labor school psychologist. tim tooten during us with how local schools are putting school psychologists to use. >> this is a national school psychology awareness week, a time to focus on the critical role psychologists plea on campus. -- play on campus. >> these are really long. >> they try to solve complex math problems in columbia. down the hall, the school psychologist is keeping track of student cases. the ones she deals with on a daily basis. >> kids have a variety of needs and they're bringing in backpacks filled with the things from the helm, the community, social. if we don't allow them to
5:26 pm
"unpack," there are not available for learning. >> the teachers often the first one who takes notice of problems students and they are assigned to the school psychologists for help. the are not surprised by the types of issues. >> they cannot deny the impact of that economic challenges have presented for children and their families. we cannot deny the fact that school is tough these days. the demands that we ask of students, the attention requirements, the amount a curriculum demand, these types of things are going to be present whether you are elementary, middle, or high. >> even with a team of professionals on staff, they will be the first to tell you it takes a partnership to make progress. >> the experiences that they come with us to really shake them and will continue to shape them. as an instructional team, we work very hard to find a
5:27 pm
balance between their experiences and the exposure we provide them with. >> we have more and permission about the role of school psychologists and the national organization which is trying to promote their role. it's all on our website,, and click on " education alert." tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the philanthropic arm of the psa they will never give money to the boy scouts of america pointing to the discrimination of gays. what that means coming up. >> this is mine. they built this wall here. this is where i sleep. there is no window. if a fire breaks out, i'm trapped. >> a boardinghouse with deplorable conditions. we track down who is running it and what rights
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volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >> live cover local, late breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5 with stab stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer, in a sky-team 11 -- stan stovall. >> right now, an 11 news item investigation. the boarding house as deepening dependence in danger.
5:30 pm
>> we decided to try and track down the award and barry simms takes us inside. clive's she shared the space with her two daughters. >> this was the living room. this was the wall. there is no window. if a fire breaks in, i am trapped. what she signed a rental agreement and days later, she and her children not rented a room in the same house. they paid rent to two min. she says one of them made some big promises. >> he said it was going to be carpeted, a washer and dryer, two bathrooms when there is only one that you can actually use. are sharing it with my two kids and 12 other people. >> that included sandra. >> with nothing like he said.
5:31 pm
he said there were two daughters, a washer and dryer and that is why he was charging as $450 and mother. >> less than a month later, they were forced out. they found the conditions of unsafe and unhealthy. >> it was overcrowded. one bathroom and you have 12 people in here. you're supposed to have at least three working batters in facilities such as this. >> and it's illegal. they shared the second floor saying they could not use the dirty bathroom in the basement. they had to maneuver around trash. missing smoke detector and holes in the walls also posing of fire and safety hazards. we tried to talk to anyone responsible for the house. we finally caught up with the man they believed was one of the landlords. >> i'm very semmes that channels 11. can we talk to you.
5:32 pm
>> i don't own the property. >> were still the landlord. >> i am lot. there's no situation. >> why are people being thrown out? >> nobody is being drawn el. >> his name appears on this rental agreement that says the tenants are to pay their rent it to him or this man, jermaine miller. they say the two men lead to the house for $1,100 a month from the homeowner. the homeowner was unaware until neighbors complained about trash. the assistant housing commissioner. >> the doors have been altered with remembers and blocks that were not there before. >> this was not the only unlicensed toss they operated. this house in east baltimore was one of several locations.
5:33 pm
we found ads on crags list. the issue lies rooms and as for a security deposit. potential tenants are saying, if you need somewhere to live, call mr. miller the go another says, "you will easily be approved. after several attempts, we found in the mitchell courthouse there on unrelated charges, firearms possession. >> allegations from the city, do you know anything about that? >> we don't know nothing about that. >> you don't know what a thing about that? the city is saying that is what your running. love me. >> not me. >> they provided temporary shelter to some of the tenants and demand of their rent be returned.
5:34 pm
they're developing a plan for a fire inspection. >> we need to make sure we but these buildings first intake sure whether they are habitable. if so, fine. >> the deputy housing commissioners as whining and adequate shelter does not mean an once stood settle for a place that puts health and safety at risk. barry simms. >> miller and hanson are facing charges and if convicted they could get up to 90 days in jail. >> new details to light in the petraeus scandal of the continues to unravel. they reveal about 30,000 pages of potential in a corporate e- mail's convict -- connected to general john allen and jill kelley. he replaced petraeus as the
5:35 pm
commander in afghanistan last year and he was supposed to be confirmed the commander of u.s. forces in europe but that has all been put on hold pending the investigation. because the emails "misinterpreted." testimony is under way for a former student charged with killing her roommate. alexis simpson stabbed dominique frazier of argument over loud music in preparation for a school sponsored a comedy show. simpson fled the campus but later turned herself in. you know charged with and carrying a deadly weapon. late breaking news tonight from sky team 11 of the top of the tower, a high-speed police chase on some of bell and 95 in howard county. we caught it all on camera of the police pursued a stolen vehicle this before 5:00 when the vehicle finally crashed on the interstate and the suspect took off of what what police
5:36 pm
were able to catch up with him a short time later. >> still ahead, more and more americans will be taking some type of richard this holiday season. >> there is one thing that is not running and that is the size of the trip. the teller had in consumer alert. >> some sally kidd in washington. a new twist in the sex scandal. another top g
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>> ragan is out of new york. the associated press says the man who accused kevin clash of having sex has recanted. he had been fending of allegations of having sex with a 16-year-old boy. others will still be filling in as elm duringo in the absence. >> appearing in court today,
5:40 pm
given. >> >> -- austin was removed after it became official. she is ready to take legal action to resume her duties. covering the nation, an arizona woman is inc. assault charges after police issue ran over her husband and an argument over the election. jews upset her husband did not vote on election day. the couple was arguing loudly elie the parking lot saturday morning. during the argument, she chased him in the car in japan and him underneath the vehicle and tonight he is in critical condition at a local hospital.
5:41 pm
>> they will no longer give grants to the boy scouts do to their exclusion of gays and lesbians. ups says any organization applying for grants must also file using the same standards. they do not discriminate on anyone based against sexual orientation, race, or disability. they donated $150,000 to the boy scouts in 2010. >> with space tight, some airlines are forcing some new policies for passengers who they say can i fit in a standard seat. >> depending on the airline, a person can face a trapeze or even be prevented from boarding. what policies will find where had in consumer alert. >> is packing a bad but it's not
5:42 pm
for her. i'm kim d.c. and i explain coming up. i
5:43 pm
>> i'm rod daniels. coming up, the sex scandal is widening as another general is being pulled into the investigation surrounding former cia director general david petraeus. the obama administration is receiving backlash from a group of u.s. catholic bishops.
5:44 pm
>> 1 anne arundel county fourth
5:45 pm
graders took a bad situation and turned it into a great idea. she is working to create a nonprofit organization and for families who have lost their homes in a fire after her family faced the same fate. >> lauren and her family are now settled into a home, but a few months ago their house in hanover went up in flames from a grill firearm they lost nearly everything. >> we are not going to get to halt -- go home anytime soon and they were looking around and it was just heartbreaking. >> they immediately missed some other comfort items like a special blanket she had since she was four. she asked for a replacement and she got several extra which led to an idea. >> i thought maybe some of them
5:46 pm
would also want extra things that i wanted after a fire, like blankets, stuffed animals. >> with that, lauren's luggage was born. she started collecting items to fill them in, simple as a toothbrush, toothpaste, paper towels, a bank bridging blankets, stuffed animals. they're given to families who are a victim of fires or other disasters that steal their home. >> i hope it makes it easier for them. >> it has grown on its own because it's an amazing, simple idea from a little girl who had the courage to decided to help other people. >> there are not several local fire stations and she is listed as a resource for the red cross and she has a facebook page where people can donate money for her to buy supplies. she has been recognized and has received points from the governor and the national guard about her work. she remains modest.
5:47 pm
toif you'd like to donate loren's luggage, you can drop off supplies this week at her school. you can find the link on our website, in anne arundel county, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> ocean city's historic fishing pier that was ravaged by sandy will be rebuilt in time for next summer. a massive section was battered and it just disappeared into the ocean after the clouds parted. the iconic pier has tremendous importance and it will have to be rebuilt to 489 feet long and 20 feet wide. >> now are your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief
5:48 pm
meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> rain, wind, and a little sleep reported around baltimore for a while. -- and a little sleept reported. these it will be out shortly, but temperatures are allot cooler. lake-enhanced cloudiness due to the cold air over the warm waters of even the cloud cover is a sign of the chill coming in. that means that the year the deficit continues. 2.5 inches below normal for precipitation this year. the high temperature, 63 degrees, and that was just after midnight, as soon as it became tuesday. then the front came through and
5:49 pm
not the temperatures back. they are still falling across the area. below freezing in western maryland at this hour and only 45 in georgetown. the cooler air is coming in and the wind is continuing fairly brisk. we're in for a kind of a cold light. high pressure is coming in strong but it is coming in with the cold air mass of temperatures will be continuing to go below normal. south of us, the front is off the carolina coast and it may be the breeding ground for some weather. baltimore will be staying north
5:50 pm
and west of that for now. tomorrow, cool temperatures, 47- 52. sunny skies and or the wind at 8-15 miles per hour. winds will be brisk out of the north and it's called the bill in the mountains of the next few days. high is only around 40, but a lot of sunshine for wednesday and thursday. at the eastern shore, temperatures below normal. 52 tomorrow, 52 thursday. a lot of sunshine. lower eastern shore, senate tomorrow. maybe even a bit short of rain around ocean city friday. the upper 40's to look 54 the next few days climbing into the mid 50's this weekend and summer and may arrive sunday afternoon continuing into early next week. >> in tonight's consumer alert, gov. martin o'malley says the state is working to become more
5:51 pm
resilience against strong storms. at a conference of utility regulators, the governor told big names in the industry and the importance of setting goals and the importance of meeting them. also, the future of energy in our nation as a whole and regulators spoke about natural gas drilling affecting up fuel costs in the future. thanksgiving kicks off a season full of packed flights and this year, some new policies for passengers who cannot fit in some seats. oversize the flyers may face possible fees. airlines like american will require overnight passengers to purchase an extra see if they cannot buckle their seat belt with an extender, lower the armrests, or if they are " encroaching on a neighboring passenger." delta can ask a passenger aboard another flight in space is limited. for southwest customers to encroach on their neighbors see. they have to buy an additional
5:52 pm
ticket and it is not overbooked, they will be refunded. those are the rules for just a few of the carriers and they are often observed on a case by case basis. if you're finishing up or plans for a trip, you're certainly not alone. they say will be another crowded thanksgiving on the roads and in the year. more than 43 million people will be traveling this thanksgiving, up less than 1% this time last year. those driving will be taking shorter trips to save on gas and other costs as household budgets remain tight. aaa says a stronger economy is needed to have a bigger jump in holiday traffic. >> the maryland food bank can now feed one of thousand more families this holiday season and thanks to a big donation from giant food stores. giant the volunteers were delivering 1000 turkeys to the food bank today helping provide
5:53 pm
thanksgiving meals for community members in need and they are not finished. today is the first of five donations for the feeding america's food bank all across the mid-atlantic region. they will help feed thousand people in maryland, virginia, d.c., and delaware. the petraeus sex scandal continues to unfold tonight. general john allen is now being investigated for possible and appropriate emails with a florida woman who allegedly started the investigation in the first place. the detail behind general allan's nomination to the nato commander which is now on hold. >> the new contemporary wing of the baltimore museum of art. the story is coming up.
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> there will be a special reopening of the baltimore museum of art, the contemporary wing of the museum with over 100 objects including paintings, sculpture, photography and more. is certainly something to see. roblin got a sneak preview. >> the $6.50 million renovation to the contemporary wing of the museum is magnificent. >> the first gallery features south african and photographers. these are incredibly striking portraits of young men in swaziland. >> she is the curator and she takes us on a tour and shows us some of the over 100 works of
5:57 pm
art. >> this is a gallery really at the heart of the contemporary collection and it features andy warhol's and worked, both the reputation will images, and abstract images. in the middle of the gallery, we have this fantastic sculptures that had these great pop colors. you can touch of these and you can also have a seat. this is a great gallery and if you walk underneath the peace and look up, your experience a kaleidoscopic effect. this is a new piece by sarah oppenheimer design is physically for us and when you stand up from the top floor of the wing beckham you can see it's going on in the gallery below. you can see a few visitors down there underneath us. they can also see as.
5:58 pm
exactly. >> name, a new floor, a new look for the contemporary wing of the museum. >> the lighting system was completely out of date. fluorescent lights and not allow us to show great photographs. the new lighting system, we can show all the very best works on paper as well as the great sculptures and paintings. >> the newly renovated contemporary women opens to the public on sunday. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that's it for us at 5:00. here's a look at what's coming up next at 6. >> i'm sally kidd. a new twist in the petraeus sex scandal. why another top general is under investigation coming up. >> u.s. catholic bishops say it they are on a collision course with president obama. details ahead. >> the trial of a buoy state student accused of murdering her
5:59 pm
roommate begins today. i will meltzer. 11 news at 6 starts now. meltzer.well [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> we begin with two reading news stories we have an appalling. one hour ago, we reported a high speed and crash in howard county. first, the man who accused the elmo puppeteer kevin clash has now recanted his claims. he says it was consensual. in response, "clash is relieved it has been put to rest." identity of the accuser has not been identified. the latest on a story we broke on 11 news at 5, a high-speed crash after the car was stolen. on south 95 and route 16. the stolen vehicle wrecked. it was equipped with

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